Saving Smiles with a Mouth Guard




Why use a mouth guard?

To protect your teeth (AKA: method of eating, multi-thousand dollar investment, smile-shower, etc.)! Your teeth are biological wonders that can withstand a barrage of chews and crunches, but they aren’t made of steel. They can (and commonly do) break because of accidents by all age groups.

One of the most uncomforting examples of this came from NBA player Danny Granger, who plays for the Indiana Pacers. Without describing the situation in too much detail, Danny’s teeth were left in powder form on the court after diving for a loose ball with another player. Ouch! The best (and cheapest) way to protect this crucial and highly visible part of your body is to use a mouth guard.

Who needs a mouth guard?

Anyone and everyone who is involved in sports or recreational activity on any level. Basketball, baseball, football, hockey, volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, gymnastics, roller-skating, skateboarding, and mountain biking are all prime scenarios in which teeth can be damaged. Everyone, whether children or adults, professionals or novices, has seen broken teeth and nerve damage that could have been avoided with the use of a mouth guard.

It’s not just sports and recreation enthusiasts that need teeth protection. Adults and children who grind their teeth at night or throughout the day can save their mouths by using a mouth guard. Also, individuals with braces can protect their precious investment along with their gums and lips by using a mouth guard as well.

How do I get a mouth guard?

Interested in getting a custom-fit mouth guard for you or your child? Contact us with questions or schedule an appointment here!


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