Should I take out my silver fillings?


If you consider yourself "holistic" and believe in being as all-natural as you can, should you take out your silver (mercury-containing) fillings? Does your medical doctor tell you to have your silver fillings removed and replaced with tooth-colored ones? If so then ask your medical doctor what are the components in tooth-colored fillings. I have not met any of my patient's doctors know what is in the tooth-colored fillings they are recommending. The truth is when you take apart the components of silver fillings into its base compounds, mercury as an individual element is one of them and by itself is a carcinogen and toxic. When mercury is mixed with other components it is a safe, stable compound. Tooth-colored fillings if reduced into their base compounds also have carcinogens, but again when put together with other compounds are very stable and not carcinogenic. So the answer to whether to have silver fillings removed due to the mercury…my answer is no, don't have them removed. My own mouth is full of silver fillings and I have no plan to have them removed.