What age do I start bringing my kids to the dentist?


In my office, I have found that kids should start being seen around age 4. The first visit to our office is very easy going. We want the kids to enjoy every bit of the visit.  We start by showing them what we use in the dental office and we have special names for everything. The suction is called "Mr. Thirsty" and the dental probe is called "a tooth counter". The kids understand these terms better. You will be surprised how well your child will do in the dental office. In an initial visit, we only do what the child is comfortable with. This may only be sitting in the chair and being shown what we use in the office. In subsequent visits, we are always able to complete more than the previous visit. Most kids are nervous only because of the unknown.  Each visit gets them more and more comfortable. Again, you will be surprised how well your child will do at their first dental visit.