My family has been going to Dr. Keider for many years now, and my sons started seeing Dr. Keider when they were very young. Dr. Keider and his wonderful staff seem like a part of our family. You know that you have been going there for a long time, when you call and they recognize your voice over the phone. It helps make something that usually is unpleasant, be pleasant. From making the appointment, to the service rendered, they are very professional. Dr. Keider and his great staff have always been so friendly and caring which is really important when you have a family member that has a fear of going to the dentist. They always make sure that your comfort and satisfaction are their priority. I would not go to anyone else. As long as they continue to have a practice in Winston-Salem, my family will be going to Dr. Keider.

I strongly recommend Dr. Keider as an exceptional, pain free dentist. He and his staff have always been there for whatever dental needs arose. They are always pleasant, informative and helpful.

I moved here to North Carolina in 1998. Knowing I needed a dentist to continue caring for my teeth I found Dr. Keider’s ad in the phone book. WHAT A FIND! He has a wonderful chair side manner and is wonderful with my entire family. One thing I notice is that since I do not like needles he takes special care not to let me see it before he uses it. That makes that entire scenario much more comfortable. He is great with children as well. My child has been coming to him since his first visit as a toddler. It was a very smooth and enjoyable visit. He does not fear coming to the dentist as many children do due to that experience. My husband had complained of his dentist he had had for years and the discomfort he experienced with his cleanings/fillings. I suggested he give Dr. Keider a try and he continues to be as happy as the rest of my family with Dr. Keider’s care. I would highly recommend him to everyone. He is a wonderful example of a caring and kind dentist.

I have been a patient of Dr. Keider’s for many years – I just looked in the yellow pages when I was looking for a new dentist. I have always been satisfied with the excellent dental care, friendliness and compassion of the staff. I am not an easy dental patient but they always put me at ease. Recently I had to have two, front teeth crowned because of fractures. I was very apprehensive about this and put it off as long as I could. I was worried the coloring would not match my other teeth and would be noticeable when I smiled. No one noticed and I smile a lot more now. Dr. Keider has met me at the office several times for emergencies and one time I was worked in. That’s very assuring not to have to go through a hassle or wait for dental care. Dr. Keider was not in network with a previous insurance company and they wanted me to select another dentist. I informed them I would just have to pay because I had the best. Thanks to all of you – hope to continue our relationship for many years! ~Cathy

Your service is very professional and excellent!

When I developed an abscess in my mouth due to a stone blocking my saliva gland, I called the emergency number. Dr. Keider called me back immediately and asked me to meet him at the office in an hour. He diagnosed the problem and prescribed antibiotics and painkillers until I could get an appointment with an oral surgeon. All this took place on a Friday night around 9 pm. I expected to spend several hours in the ER but thanks to Dr. Keider’s prompt attention made that not necessary. Excellent doctor, excellent staff, excellent service, always!

Dr. Keider and his staff have taken care of our family since our daughter was a small girl. Today she is a 24 year old school teacher (with a beautiful smile thanks to Dr. Keider’s care). She travels from Charlotte to have her dental work done by Dr. Keider. Our family can’t imagine going to another dentist. He, Carrie, April and Stephanie are more that service providers, they are our friends. Whether we need a cleaning or root canal, our needs are handled quickly, professional and always with care. I have called Carrie many times asking to be worked into the schedule. She always seems to make it work without effecting other patient’s appointments. This is a practice that provides outstanding service and ensures their patients receive the service they expect and deserve. If I had to sum it up in one short sentence – Dr. Keider and his staff are the best!

For years, my wife, my children and I went morosely to dental appointments knowing that even a simple cleaning would involve painful prodding by both hygienist and dentist. More often than not, the discomfort would be compounded by a lecture about our inadequacies as brushers/flossers/teeth owners and parents. All that changed dramatically for us in 2001, when we became Dr. Keider’s patients. The friendliness of the receptionist, the deft touch of the hygienist and dental assistant, the gentle hands, upbeat personality and professional skills of Dr. Keider are things we’ve come to expect of our dental visits these days. I personally have undergone single visit root canals performed by Dr. Keider that have been less painful and less traumatic than routine fillings performed by other dentists. Unless you are a fan of dental sadomasochism, you owe it to your family and yourself to give Matthew Keider, DDS a try. He is a prince among dentists.

I first met Dr. Keider twenty years ago. It was a Saturday, and I woke up with excruciating pain. After calling my own dentist and two others who didn’t work on weekends, I called Dr. Keider’s emergency number. He met me that morning at his office and did a root canal. Dr. Keider has been my husband’s and my dentist ever since, and we will continue to trust him and his competent staff with our dental care.

I have seen many dentists in my lifetime. Dr. Keider is the best. He is gentle, kind, and knowledgeable. Dr. Keider explains procedures so one does not panic. The staff is always professional and friendly. If I didn’t think Dr. Keider is a great dentist, I wouldn’t be a patient of his for over thirteen years.

Our family has been very pleased for over 10 years. Dr. Keider has treated our son as well. We have complete trust in Dr. Keider and his staff to provide all of our family’s dental needs.

My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Keider for over 15 years. My children have grown up under his excellent care. In all these years, we have only fond memories of going to the dentist. Dr. Keider has seen us for regular cleaning visits as well as emergencies, all with sincere care and professionalism. The gentleness and compassion of Dr. Keider and his wonderful staff are beyond compare. I grew up terrified of going to the dentist and feel fortunate that my children don’t have that fear. In fact, they love it, thanks to Dr. Keider!

When I began a search for a new dentist, Dr. Matthew Keider was highly recommended and has not disappointed me. As we all know a dentist office is not one of our favorite places but Dr. Keider and his staff put you at ease immediately. They show a genuine concern and are always courteous and friendly. I find Dr. Keider to be a very kind and caring individual and very patient during unpleasant procedures. He takes pride in his work and I have been extremely pleased with the excellent dentistry performed by Dr. Keider. My overall experience with Dr. Keider and staff is that I believe they strive to achieve the highest standard of excellence, and I feel his office is worthy of the confidence I have placed in them. If you are looking for a highly credentialed, warm and caring staff, then Dr. Matthew Keider would be the right choice for you. He sure was for me!

Dr. Keider has been providing our family with quality dental care for a number of years. He and his friendly staff are always kind and courteous and have a great sense of humor. We very much appreciate the excellent care we have received.

I have been seeing Dr. Keider for many years for my dental needs. Dr. Keider interacts with his patients in a manner that demonstrates the type of care that is the hallmark of a true professional. He is always kind, works in a calm manner, has a sense of humor and genuinely cares about the service he is providing to his patients. Recently I experienced a fall and Dr. Keider willingly met me at his office, after normal business hours, to examine my mouth and discuss a plan for treatment. I trust the information that he gives me because I know that he is a perfectionist and he will work until he gets the problem resolved. Dr. Keider’s office staff works in a professional manner as well and are always helpful. I would refer anyone to Dr. Keider for dental needs.

Our family has been patients of Dr. Keider’s since 1996. He and his staff are professional, friendly and caring. They have always taken very good care of us. We have had not only cleanings and fillings, but root canals, crowns and wisdom teeth extractions. We have always received excellent dentistry and he is very gentle. Our children, now all adults with their own families, are still patients of Dr. Keider’s. If you are looking for an excellent, professional caring dental office you have found it.

I have been one of Dr. Keider’s patients for about 13 years. I initially came to him needing extensive dental work. From my first visit, I was confident I had found the dentist who could transform my dental health. What he accomplished was beyond my expectations. I no longer dread dental checkups and procedures because of Dr. Keider and his entire staff. How nice to see the same friendly and well trained staff year after year.
~ Brenda

Being new to Winston Salem, not really knowing anyone, having had a lifelong good friend for my dentist, a work associate recommended Dr. Keider to me, so I decided to give him a try. There were smiling faces the minute I walked in the door, very clean, welcoming staff, the dental rooms had new, what seemed to me updated equipment including digital x-rays. Dr. Keider was very patient explaining things before hand and as he progressed, taking his time which made me feel comfortable, a must when you’re visiting your dentist. The dental assistant, hygienist and all the staff were very knowledgeable and seemed well in tune with Dr. Keider's needs as we went along. Finding good oral care that you are pleased and comfortable with and also can afford to pay the bill is a great comfort to me “Hats off” to Dr. Matthew Keider.

My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Keider for 13 years, maybe more. When we moved to Greensboro 6 years ago, we changed all our services, health care provider, etc. because we are now 1 hour away from Winston-Salem. Dr. Keider is the only one we kept. We both knew that we could not find a better dentist or person than Dr. Keider! We intend to be patients for the rest of our lifetime. I personally have had a lot of work done in my mouth. Two bridges, several root canals, several crowns, etc. I grew up with a dentist who was non caring and rough. I just quit going when I was about 13. Dr. Keider is the nicest, most gentle understanding dentist that I could have ever hoped for. He tells you exactly what he’s getting ready to do and how it will feel. He’s always right! When my husband had an emergency over the weekend we called, Dr. Keider and he relieved his pain that day. Everyone in Dr. Keider’s office is awesome! It is like visiting neighbors. Even if he gets someone new, it’s like they have been there forever.

When I was a child, I had a traumatic experience at a dentist’s office. Through my adolescence and into my adult life, I was extremely afraid of having dental work and found any reason to cancel my appointments. In 1997, my family moved to NC and Dr. Keider was recommended by my father’s co-worker. Reluctantly, I made an appointment. To my surprise, it was the best experience I have ever had at a dentist’s office. Dr. Keider understood my fear. He and his team made every effort to make me feel welcome and comfortable (the blankets are so warm). I have been a patient of Dr. Keider’s for over 10 years now. I have had an emergency or two and they easily squeezed me in the same day to ensure my dental needs were met. Everyone in the office is always very friendly and takes good care of me. My visits are more like catching up with old friends than a medical appointment. The office is always full of laughter and warmth. They never make me feel bad for not flossing like I should or eating those hard candies like I shouldn’t. I actually ENJOY going to the dentist now, thanks to Dr. Keider and the fun loving atmosphere his wonderful staff provides.

Friendly, clean and best of all, they really know what they are doing. This office rocks!

Dr. Keider and his staff are great! They are very caring and professional. I highly recommend them.