What is the best toothpaste to use?


We have all gone down the toothbrush aisle in CVS or Walmart and thought, "Which of these 100 different kinds of toothpaste should I get?" It seems the more that's in the toothpaste the better, but this is not true. Whiteners, peroxide, baking soda, and tartar control all just add to the possibility of problems with these ingredients (eg. allergy, irritation of the gums, sensitive teeth). There is one toothpaste that claims it has everything in it, and it does. It's the toothpaste I see the most problems within my patients. I won't mention the name (Prohealth), but I don't recommend it to anyone (rinse either). The ingredients that can cause the problems I listed above don't work for what you would think they would (eg. whitener doesn't lighten teeth). So what is the best toothpaste? I suggest going back to the basics with a toothpaste with no whiteners, no peroxide, no baking soda, and no tartar control…Cool Mint Gel by Crest. A little hard to find in the stores but Target for sure has it. Happy brushing.